What is an E-Reference Check?

What if you could enhance your resume with recommendations from supervisors, co-workers, internship and volunteer coordinators and others with whom you have interacted?

An E-Reference Check includes evaluations and recommendations from your professional and personal references. Think of it as a way to create your own background investigation that can be submitted when you apply to get the recruiter’s attention.

careerandtalenthub  will create questions based on the type of reference and your interaction with them. We manage and compile responses from your references and create an easy to read and professional E-Reference Check report.

Your E-Reference Check can be submitted when you apply for a job, submit your resume or meet with recruiters and hiring managers to standout from the crowd. Your report will include a unique HTML that you can cut and paste into an email or an online employment application. One click and a recruiter or hiring manager will view references who will enhance your resume.

Please click here to view a sample E-Reference Check report.

How does the E-Reference Check process work?


Responses from references are compiled into a professional and easy to read report in yourcareerandtalenthub  account.

  • Professional References - Human Resources, supervisors, co-workers, peers, mentors or other individuals with whom you have worked have personal knowledge of your work performance and can help you jump-start your career.

  • Personal References - Professors, teachers, volunteer and internship coordinators, preceptors, mentors, neighbors, coaches, etc. will provide an evaluation of your abilities in an environment outside of the workplace and focus on you as an individual.

How much does the ERC cost?

You can create your account for free and there are no monthly fees.

If you are working with a career center or career counselor participating in our Career Services Initiative, there is no cost to create your E-Reference Check.

Individuals utilizing our services on their own are charged $9.95 for each group of five references who are sent an email with your questionnaire.

You may use a major credit card or your PayPal account to pay for this service.

How do I create my ERC report?

All you need to get started is the name and email address of your references. When you are ready, click here to begin. Either “Add Professional Reference” or “Add Personal Reference” to begin the ERC process. Instructions are provided at each stage of the process if you need help.

I forgot my password or I want to change it. How do I create a new password?

At the login page, click- “Forgot password? Click here to create a new password”

Unfortunately, your email address is your username and to protect the integrity of the process, you cannot change your email address. You can create a new username at no cost with another email address.

How can I add additional information to confirm the validity of my reference such as his/her LinkedIn profile, a business telephone number and other information?

This step is highly recommended. Recruiters will be concerned with the validity of your references. We highly recommend that you provide business email addresses, enter your reference’s LinkedIn account information and add any other pertinent information relating to your references to help confirm the validity of each.

If you do not have this information at the time you create your ERC report, you can return to your account at a later time and add the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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