So many people apply for quality positions that recruiters must find a way to narrow down the field of applicant to just a few candidates who will make it to the final stage. What does it take to get to the final stage?

Most candidates take a passive approach to the employment application process. Search, apply, wait. How can you be proactive, level the playing field and get the recruiter’s attention?

We will work with you and engage supervisors, co-workers, Human Resources, internship and volunteer coordinators and others with whom you have interacted.  You can lock in evaluations from references that have firsthand knowledge of your experience and ability before they are lost or forgotten.

andtalenthub will create questions based on the type of reference and your interaction with them. We manage and compile responses from your references and create an easy to read and professional E-Reference Check (ERC) report.

Your ERC can be submitted when you visit job fairs and help you instantly impress a recruiter. You can submit your ERC when you apply for a job, submit your resume, or meet with recruiters and hiring managers to standout from the crowd.

Your ERC can be posted on job boards and on your LinkedIn profile for review by potential employers.

The ERC will include a unique HTML that you can cut and paste into an email or an online employment application. One click and a recruiter or hiring manager will view references that will enhance your resume.

Please click here to view a sample E-Reference Check report.

Showcase your experience and abilities to prospective employers and standout from the crowd. There are no sign-up fees or monthly charges. The recommendations from references that you create are saved in your account and can be used again and again at no cost when you apply for employment or interact with recruiters.


You have experience that identifies you as a unique individual with skills and attributes that are valuable to an employer. Our technology will tell your story.

You spent days creating the perfect resume, months searching various job boards, applying for jobs online, and submitting your resume. And you never hear back from a recruiter.