What can  careerandtalenthub.com  do for you?

What if you could create an online report that includes an evaluation of your performance from people with whom you worked? A prominent background investigation company with over 30 years of experience in recruiting processes created this website to give you an edge over other applicants when you apply for a job. 

careerandtalenthub.com  will work with you to prepare an E-Reference Check report that includes an evaluation of your employment history. Send the report we create to employers when you apply for a job and get noticed by recruiters.

Take control of the employment application process and land the job you want. Use our patent-pending E-Reference Check (ERC)  service and direct performance related questions to current and former supervisors, coworkers and others with whom you have interacted.​ Click here to view a sample ERC report completed for a nurse. Your ERC report will include questions based on entries for your references and questions created by you.

You can include the ERC report when you submit an employment application or resume and get the recruiter’s attention. You can also post your report on LinkedIn, Facebook and anywhere else you want.

Employers are open to the idea of pre-screening applicants since it saves them time and money in the background investigation process. Using our process makes the recruiter's job easier and gives you an advantage over other applicants. Our process is a win-win situation for you and your potential employer. Take control and take advantage of this service and stand out from the crowd applying for employment.

We can help you get the job you want and advance your career. We have specific processes in place and educational information on this website that will provide an advantage to you when you apply for a job. Don't leave it to others to control your destiny when it comes to your career. We will show you how to take control of your application for employment and ensure that you have the best opportunity to land the job that you want.

The bridge to your future career. Where will it take you?