How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

Instead of just submitting a resume, now you have recommendations and evaluations that enhance and confirm your experience listed on your resume.

Your E-Reference Check report can be submitted when applying online, emailing recruiters and hiring managers and when attending job fairs to immediately get the recruiter’s attention.

Each ERC report has a link to it that can be embedded in an employment application or resume and available to a recruiter or hiring manager with one click. 

Americans are facing unprecedented job dislocation during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

careerandtalenthub doing our part to get you back to work by offering our resume enhancement tools that will get the recruiter’s attention for free.

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Learn how you can be proactive, capture your unique skills and experiences, and impress recruiters and hiring managers.

- Tania S., Univ. of Phoenix

"Great advice on the website. I never thought of reaching out to internships and past employers. We discussed my duties and my performance. References can make the difference."

Search for a job, apply, wait for a call. Repeat.

Everyone submits an employment application and a resume. Why would an employer choose you?

Your unique skills and experience tell a story that will influence potential employers. Learn how you can tell your story to recruiters and hiring managers.

Take control of the employment application process. 

will work with you to engage references, capture your experiences and create a report that highlights your unique skills and enhances your resume. The report can be submitted at job fairs to immediately impress recruiters, when applying online, on job boards, and on LinkedIn. E-mail your E-Reference Report to recruiters and hiring managers and move to the front of the line.

You can market your unique skills and experience to an employer and land the job that jump-starts your career.


Looking for work is a full-time job.

It can be frustrating, and filled with

hope and disappointment.

Responses from references are compiled into an easy to read and mobile report

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- Richard Simon, Sr. Managing Director, Coders Direct

"A game changer. Candidates that have recommendations confirming their past employment in the earliest stage of the recruiting process benefits both the candidate and the employer by substantially reducing the cost and time to hire. The future of recruiting."

Enter relevant information about your reference and your interaction that will highlight your experience

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their careers. Put tools in their hands that will
demonstrate the value of gaining experience
and capturing positive recommendations that jump-start their career.

Engage references that can enhance your resume and get the recruiter’s attention              

- Cheryl W., Univ. of Maryland

"I went to a lot of job fairs after graduation. While discussing the job with the recruiter, I could show the recommendations from coordinators and supervisors at two internships and a part-time job during school to confirm my resume."

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