How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

Add Value To Your Resume

The job search can be stressful. You send out countless resumes, you seem to be a perfect fit, but you never get a call from a recruiter. Or there are exciting career opportunities, but you lack experience. How can you add value to your resume.

Enhance your resume with the following:

  • Intern. Internships are not only for students, many paid internships do not have a student status requirement.  Internships offer both experience and networking opportunities, and can lead to a job offer.

  • Volunteer. Experience can come from any number of sources; it doesn’t have to be from employment.  While many people associate volunteering with altruism, it can benefit your career as well.  Volunteer for a local animal or homeless shelter, civic group or charitable organization. Join and volunteer in the professional association for the occupation associated with your career path. Almost every occupation has a professional association on both a national and state level that offers exceptional networking opportunities. Additionally, you will keep up with trends in your field and gain experience, and transferable skills.

  • Stay current with industry and occupational education. The learning process never ends and employers look for additional educational experiences. Take continuing education classes; sharpen your computer skills, or your business related social media skills.  Professional associations have excellent career related seminars, educational classes and many are available online. Additionally, these organizations offer certifications of an expertise in a profession or a field that will impress employers. During recruiter and hiring manager interviews, you can discuss the classes and seminars you have taken, and how they relate to the position for which you are applying.

  • References. Your references are a valuable source of information who can elaborate about your abilities and value to a potential employer. Think of all the people who can attest to your unique skills and abilities. They are potential references.  Having a pool of references from which to choose allows you to determine the best people to highlight your unique skills and abilities when applying for an opportunity. You should have between three to seven references who can attest to your performance, dedication and valuable skillsets that you have. Individuals with whom you have worked closely, including teammates, co-workers, and former clients are excellent references.

  • Cultivate references. Your next career move starts at your current position.

  • Utilize our Electronic Reference Check. An ERC will work with you to engage references and obtain recommendations that include your unique skills and abilities.  The ERC is available on your mobile phone or tablet and can be emailed to recruiters and hiring managers, attached to an online employment application or printed and brought to employer interviews. The ERC is always available when opportunities arise.