How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

Are Your References Ruining Your Chance For The Job You Want?

You spent a great deal of time on your resume and cover letter, but what about references who can confirm your experience and abilities? Your references can be the deciding factor when it comes to landing the job you want.  References can confirm your value as an employee to a recruiter.  
Having a pool of references allows you to choose the best people to highlight your skills for the opportunity for which you are applying.  You should have between three to seven references who can describe your duties and performance and skills that are valuable to an employer. Individuals with whom you have worked, including supervisors, teammates, co-workers, and former clients are excellent references.

Don’t list individuals on an employment application without knowing what they will say. What you need to know before you apply for your next job


  • You next job could depend on your status at your current employment. A current employer is an excellent source you can use when applying for a new position. Poor performance, leaving without notice and a failed relationship with supervisors and fellow employees may affect your ability to advance your career.

  • Stay in contact with former teammates, co-workers, supervisors and clients. Notify these individuals before you apply for a position and ask permission to use them as a reference. Obtain their contact information, email address and phone number, and include this on the employment application.

  • Don’t expect that your references will recall everything about you when they receive a cold call from an employer to discuss your abilities. Discuss your position, attendance and reliability with references. Review special projects, evaluations of your ability from customers and fellow employees and when you went above and beyond or worked extra hours to meet a deadline.

  • Utilize the E-Reference Check

  • The E-Reference Check software app will engage your references and create a report detailing your work experience, with an emphasis on the skills and abilities you possess that will impress a recruiter.

  • Include your E-Reference Check with your online employment application, when emailing recruiters and hiring managers or print and submit at job fairs or interviews and get the recruiter’s attention.