How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

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Students and alumni have a story to tell as they gather experience that identifies each as unique individuals with marketable skills and attributes that are valuable to an employer. It is a competitive job market, a resume is just a piece of paper until it is confirmed.

How can your career center help get the story in front of a recruiter?

Increase student and alumni ROI with technology that will tell the story. Document experience and confirm value to potential employers. When resumes are enhanced, opportunities open up.

We will work with students and alumni to engage supervisors, co-workers, Human Resources, internship and volunteer coordinators, and others with whom they have interacted. Lock in evaluations from references that have firsthand knowledge of a candidate’s experience before they are lost or forgotten.

andtalenthub will create unique questions based on the type of reference and interaction with them. A form filler questionnaire will be created and emailed to each reference. The questionnaire can be completed by the reference in just a few minutes.

We will manage and compile responses from references and create an easy to read and professional E-Reference Check report.

The E-Reference Check can be submitted at job fairs to instantly impress a recruiter, when applying for a job, submitting a resume, meeting with recruiters and hiring managers, and posted on job boards and LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd.

Freshmen and Sophomores - 

Students learn to gain experience and engage references. The E-Reference Check that is created with responses from references can be submitted when applying for competitive internships, scholarships, employment and other opportunities while in school.

Juniors, Seniors and Alumni -  

Maximize experiences and capture reference evaluations from internship, employment, volunteer and other experiences while in school and beyond. The E-Reference Check that is created will highlight skills and experience that jump-start their career after graduation.

Our technology is available at no cost to career centers or students and alumni!

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The  website has great advice that will help your students navigate the employment application and background investigation process and get the recruiter’s attention. Our Facebook page and Twitter feed keeps students up to date on current hiring trends.

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