How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

You are looking for a job that will advance your career and provide economic security, not just any job. Why settle for a dead end job without long term career advancement when you can take action?

Don’t take a passive approach to the employment application process.

So many people apply for the same position that will advance your career; does your future become a numbers game? Does luck determine if you get the job you really want?

How will you ever get the chance to show your value to an employer in the earliest stage of the recruiting process? Our technology levels the playing field and provides you with the opportunity you deserve.

You have experience that identifies you as a unique individual with skills and attributes that are valuable to an employer.

Our technology will help you tell that story. Don’t settle for just any job that will block your career path. You can be proactive and land the job that will jump-start your career.

How you can take control of the employment application process

Our patent-pending E-Reference Check (ERC) technology will work with you to engage supervisors, coworkers, Human Resources, educators, internship and volunteer coordinators and others with whom you have interacted to confirm your skills and experience.​ 

Unique questions will be generated to your references based on the type of reference and your interaction with them. The entire process can be managed from a phone, tablet or computer.

Responses from references populate an easy to read and mobile ERC report that you can access with a phone. Instead of just submitting a resume, you now have a report that enhances your resume with evaluations of your skills and experience from your references.

Take advantage of opportunities and include your ERC when attending job fairs, submitting an employment application or resume, and when emailing or meeting with recruiters and hiring managers.

Your ERC gives decision-makers full knowledge of your skills and abilities. You can also post your ERC on LinkedIn, Facebook, job boards and anywhere else.

Click here to view a sample ERC report completed for a nurse

Employers are open to the idea of pre-screened applicants since solves two important Human Resources issues, time and money. Utilizing the career
andtalenthub process makes the recruiter's job easier and gives you an advantage over other applicants. Our process is a win-win situation for you and your potential employer. Take control and take advantage of this service. Stand out from the crowd applying for employment.

We can help you get the job you want and advance your career. We have specific processes in place and educational information on this website that will provide an advantage to you when you apply for a job. Don't leave it to others to control your destiny when it comes to your career.

We will work with you to take control of the employment application process and ensure that you have the best opportunity to land the job that you want.