Military Transition Career Center Solutions

Empowering Transitioning Personnel

Service members have transferable skills and attributes that are valuable to an employer. Each individual transitioning to civilian life has a story to tell about their military experience, the skills they acquired, and how it translates to civilian employment.

What is the best method to capture this story?

A background investigation is conducted when a candidate reaches the final stage in the recruiting process. Unfortunately, the background check will only confirm dates of service, rank, and discharge status through military personnel records. The candidate’s experience, skill set, and value to a potential employer will not be developed through a background check.

How can your career center help service members get their story in front of a recruiter and hiring manager?

careerandtalenthub  will work with transitioning personnel and engage individuals with whom they interacted both inside and outside of their military service including educational programs to confirm skills, experience, and abilities before they are lost or forgotten. Experience contained in their resume is confirmed, and the value to a potential employer is documented.   Recruiters and hiring managers will not only have a resume, they will have a history of experience and abilities validated for evaluation. When resumes are enhanced, opportunities open.

 Our app will create unique questions based on the type of reference and interaction. A form filler questionnaire will be created and emailed to each reference. The questionnaire can be completed by the reference in just a few minutes on a phone or desktop.

careerandtalenthub  will manage and compile responses from references and create an easy to read E-Reference Check report that is always available on a phone.

The E-Reference Check can be submitted at job fairs to instantly impress a recruiter, when applying for a job or submitting a resume even online, when meeting with recruiters and hiring managers, and it can be posted on job boards and LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd.

Our technology is available at no cost to military personnel and military transition career centers and counselors!

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careerandtalenthub  website has great advice that will help transitioning personnel navigate the employment application and background investigation process and get the recruiter’s attention. Our Facebook page and Twitter feed keeps candidates up to date on current employment trends.


How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check