How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

No cost career services for veterans and veteran career programs.

How can you take control of the employment application process and get the recruiter’s attention?

careerandtalenthub created a unique app for your use so you can reach out and capture recommendations that highlight your experience and abilities, and confirm information contained in your resume. A recruiter will not only have your resume, they will have your skills and experience validated for evaluation in the earliest stage of the application process.

Click to begin the E-Reference Check (ERC) process. 

  • Our technology will work with you to engage individuals with whom you have interacted in the military and outside of the armed services to confirm your transferable skills, experience and value to a potential employer.​ 

  • Unique questions will be generated to your references based on the type of reference and your interaction with them. The entire process can be managed from a phone, tablet or computer.

  • Responses from references populate an easy to read, mobile ERC report that you can access with a phone. Instead of just submitting a resume, you now have a report that supports and enhances your resume with evaluations of your skills and experience from your references.

  • Include your ERC when attending job fairs, submitting an employment application or resume, and when emailing or meeting recruiters and hiring managers, so you can get to the front of the line of people applying for the same position.

As part of your marketing strategy, prepare 12-24 months in advance of your transition by cultivating references. Selling yourself to a potential employer will be the most essential plan in your transition. Every employer wants to see a history of your accomplishments before an offer of employment is made.

When you reach the final stage in the recruiting process and the background check is conducted, the only information that will be confirmed through military personnel records is your dates of service, rank and discharge status. Years of hard work and experience that identifies you as a valuable asset is lost, possibly forever, unless proactive steps are taken. careerandtalenthub will work with you to capture recommendations and build a profile of your accomplishments and skills. Accomplishments that are verifiable and substantiated are key to marketing your value to a potential employer. 

Your experience outside of the military is also important to highlight your value. You have experience that defines you as an individual outside of the military, and that can help you market your value to a potential employer. Volunteering, coaching sports, professional organizations, certifications, classes and educational programs and other experience you have gained while in the service and afterward involved interaction with people which showcase your leadership skills. They are sources who can highlight you as an individual and provide recommendations for review by a recruiter that will help you advance your career.

Approximately 250,000 military members enter civilian life each year. Every member has a unique story to tell that identifies you as an asset to a potential employer.

careerandtalenthub is honored to work with veterans, veteran counselors and career programs to assist with your transition into the civilian workforce.

Message us on LinkedIn or Facebook to obtain a checkout code that will allow you to utilize our service free of charge. Refer your military career center to our team and a transition career center account will allow free access to our services for members in the program.

Good luck with your future endeavors. Our site has great advice to help you on your journey.