How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

Be Proactive - Be Positive

Finding a new career is difficult in this economy. The days of landing a job only by submitting a resume with your dates of employment and title are long gone. How can you get the recruiter’s attention?

  • Recruiters make decisions based on a theory that a candidate’s past performance is a predictor of future performance as a new employee.

  • If you are unable to document your abilities and past performance and another candidate can, you will not be chosen for the position.

  • Our services allow you to conduct a personal background investigation on your own and obtain a record of your work performance from supervisors and coworkers.

  • We will provide the assistance you need to navigate the recruiting process and obtain new employment.

  • The patent pending E-Reference Check process (Link) will work with you to create a report that includes an evaluation of your work performance and unique skills from people with whom you have worked.