How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check

Recruiters often receive hundreds of resumes for the most desirable positions. How can you standout from the crowd? Our patent pending E-Reference Check (ERC) will create a report for you that will include an evaluation of your abilities and experience from references that you provide.

The report that is created will help you stand out from the crowded field of applicants.


Recent graduates must distinguish themselves from a number of well-qualified applicants seeking the same employment opportunity. Current students must take steps while still in school to prepare and develop experience, character and skills to present to a future employer. For additional advice, please visit our Plan of Action segment.

 Be positive. You have worked hard, you have been successful and you have graduated. You have the tools and the skills an employer requires, all you need is an opportunity to show an employer what you can do. You only have to find one job. Our patent pending ERC process will help you with this process. You can create a report that will include an evaluation of your abilities and experience from references that you provide.

 Look at every contact you make with individuals as an opportunity to use them as a reference. Past employment, part-time employment, professors, internships and volunteering all create sources of information. You can present individuals with whom you have worked as references who can provide concrete examples and feedback as to your positive attributes to a potential employer. Employers want a known entity who is successful and has a proven track record. Your ability to create experiences that lead to positive references will help you land the job you want.

 Most people are stuck in the job search rut. You engage in the same activity day after day, searching for open positions and applying for a job without looking for another alternative to your current job search process. It is easy to procrastinate when stuck in the same routine. The careerandtalenthub website was created to motivate you and provide the tools you need to succeed. We will help you develop an understanding of the employment process and look at new options that are available to you. Our ARC will be part of your personal marketing plan and help you promote yourself to a new employer. The first step in this process is to create a Plan of Action. What do you have to do to be successful when seeking employment? This process requires initiative and creativity. Initiative creates action and action generates further action that will help you become successful.

 As you already know, the job market is extremely competitive. Passive behavior is not an asset and will not help you land a job in the current environment. If you think companies only verify the dates of your employment and title, you are mistaken. Many employers have moved to what is called behavioral based employment applications, recruiter interviews, and background investigations. Behavioral based candidate reviews are based on the premise that an individual's past performance and achievements are a predictor of future performance. Potential employers are looking at your past employment history to determine your abilities, accomplishments and achievements to determine if you are suited for the position. This process can include interviews with former supervisors, coworkers and peers. If you cannot or do not provide individuals with whom you have worked that can relate their personal experience working with you, you could be overlooked for a candidate who can.

The job search process can take months, so be prepared and plan on the long haul. Looking for employment is a full time job so put in the time and the effort to succeed. Rejection can be tough. It is important to stay positive and don’t get discouraged. Motivation is a critical factor to succeed. You have an advantage, employers are looking for eager new hires who bring a new perspective to the company, not to mention fresh and varied skills.    

As a student your work experience may be limited, but do not exclude certain types of work from your resume thinking that it is irrelevant to the employer. Steve Jobs was a huge believer in people with a diverse work history and life experiences. He believed that individuals with a broad experience bring a little something from everything they have done that shapes their future. Include short-term employment such as fast food or retail over the summer and winter breaks. This activity shows a potential employer that you are hardworking and have experience and a skill set that will translate to the job that is available. Any successful work experience demonstrates that you know how to deal with people, management, clients, customers, etc. Additionally, it will show an employer that you are reliable and have a proven track record of handling responsibility.

Here are some tips that will make you marketable to potential employers while you are looking for work. You may not have taken marketing classes in college but you must learn the principals of marketing to promote yourself. Build a platform to present to employers and standout from the crowd:

 Post-education internships are part of the full time employment search process. A post graduation internship will fill in gaps in the time since you graduated and periods of unemployment. Internships are not just for students. Numerous internships are available for graduates and they can be a great way to get experience. You will have something to put on your résumé while you continue your employment search and the added bonus of showing a potential employer your unique skill set and abilities.

Volunteering will have a similar effect. Not only is volunteering a way of doing something beneficial, it will also increase your skills, expand your reference network and introduce you to people you would not have met otherwise. Volunteer organizations are made up of business people who can help you network. Never discount the power of a referral. Many jobs are filled before they are even posted to the public. People who have an inside track fill those jobs. Volunteering doesn’t always involve menial jobs. You can bring new talent and ideas to what may be a stodgy organization that needs new blood. Lead a group in a project, create a new process, design a website or online presence that wasn’t there before. Develop new ideas and a new way for the organization to do things. Show your creativity, write fundraising letters or promotional material. Your potential to impact the organization with your skills is without limit. Volunteering will enable you to develop a new group of people who will help you network and find a job. They are references who will provide a potential employer with a description of how you will be an asset if hired.

Our ERC will create a report that includes references you have developed through your activities to help you get a job.

Never underestimate the value of a reference who has interacted with you and is familiar with your unique skill set and abilities.  Recruiters know that past experience and performance is a predictor of future behavior. The ability to provide references that can substantiate your attributes will set you apart from other applicants.

Reach out to co-workers and supervisors at past employments and internships, college professors and people with whom you have volunteered. Everyone is aware of the difficulties a new graduate faces seeking employment. You'll be surprised at how willing individuals are to provide a reference for you.  

Stay active in student alumni activities. Alumni are always willing to help one of their own search for employment.

Extracurricular and volunteer activities will highlight any meaningful experience that will demonstrate important skill sets.


The most important thing you can do while still in college is to intern. Preparation for your career begins while you are a student. Take steps now to gain experience, develop relationships and build your resume to impress future employers. Internships will help you get your foot in the employment door. College goes by very quickly. Internships are becoming increasingly competitive since more and more students are seeking career-enhancing opportunities. It is never too early to take advantage of opportunities to intern.

Employers look for a known entity. Many companies hire their successful interns upon graduation. Your internship may lead to a full time position if you work hard and prove that you have the abilities and the soft and hard skills an employer needs. Even if the company does not hire you, you will develop relationships with individuals who will be a networking resource for job opportunities, and who can act as a reference on your behalf when you apply for a job.

Work part-time during school and in the summer in a field of your interest even if you will earn less than you would at a job outside of your field. Working as a waitress, a laborer, in retail or in a factory will pay the bills and provides valuable experience in the workforce. However, working in a field that is consistent with your career goals will be more impressive to potential employers after graduation.

Our ERC will create a report that includes references you have developed through your activities to help you get a job.

Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities

It is important that you demonstrate that you did more than attend classes and party. You need to will highlight meaningful experiences that will demonstrate your unique skill sets. Student government, charitable organizations and participation in organizations relating to your major will develop your character. Almost every occupation has a professional association and it is likely that they will have a chapter in your area. These associations will often have an affiliation with your school and student memberships. Professionals who belong to these associations openly welcome and encourage students, and they can act as mentors and references. Take the lead whenever you can. Be creative, help organize, design a website or online presence that adds value. Develop new ideas and show your creativity. Your potential to impact an organization is only limited if you lack imagination.

Again, the ability to develop relationships with individuals who can help you network and act as a reference can be invaluable when you apply for a job.

Start Networking

Almost every occupation has a professional association. Many occupations have multiple associations throughout the country. A quick Internet search will develop these groups. Almost all professional associations have local chapters in each state. As an added bonus, these associations have student members, and even student chapters on campuses. If your college does not have a student chapter in your profession, start one. Members of these professional associations look to mentor students who show an interest in their field. These relationships can lead to internships, summer positions and an offer of employment upon graduation. Volunteer and participate in professional group activities and network with members. You will develop a priceless source that will help you land a job in your chosen field.

Apply For Jobs During Your Senior Year

Everyone wants to enjoy their senior year, but landing the job you want may take many months. Be proactive and gain experience and valuable skills during your college years.

Students and Recent Graduates

Graduating students face new challenges due to the current economic environment. The unemployment rate for recent graduates is hovering around twice the U.S. unemployment rate. Our site is dedicated to helping everyone find a new career.

The good news is that companies are hiring, but how will you land the job you want? There are steps you can take to give you an advantage in the employment process. Careerandtalenthub will address what students can do to prepare for an intensely competitive job market in this section.