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What Happens During the Pre-Employment Background Investigation Process?

So what happens during the pre-employment background investigation process? Will the background company confirm the experience indicated on your resume?

Unfortunately for job applicants, the answer is most likely no. Employment verifications are generally outsourced overseas, and to maximize profits, the companies conducting verifications are only interested in verifying as many employments as possible in the shortest period of time. In most cases, only your dates of employment and position will be verified.  Interviewing supervisors or other professional references takes too much time.

If you worked for a mid to large size employer, the company most likely outsources the employment verification process to an Internet based third party; your employment will not be verified through the Human Resources department. The only information obtained by third party verification services will be your dates and position. No one will interview your supervisors or other professional references to confirm your abilities and experience.

So how are you going enhance your resume and confirm your experience and abilities?

You can claim any experience or expertise you want to on your resume, but unless your claims are validated, they are just that- claims.  Employers are skeptical, and for good reason: Most have looked at thousands of resumes, many of which contain claims that eventually prove to be a gross exaggeration or outright falsehood.

Almost every employer has a story about a person who looked good on paper but turned out to be the employee from hell. So when your resume crosses an employer's desk, they aren't likely to give you the benefit of the doubt where the claims on your resume are concerned -- they are going to want proof.