Your clients will enhance their resume with a report that includes an evaluation from employers, supervisors, teachers, instructors, internships and others in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1:

After receiving the email from the career center, the client creates an account with an email address and password. To engage references, the client selects “Professional Reference” and an occupation from a list of professions. Clients with limited work history can choose “Student” to engage teachers, instructors and professors. Those who have never been employed or who have been out of the workforce for some time can choose “Returning to workforce”, “Volunteer” or “Other” from the occupation drop-down menu to engage other reference types. You have the ability to engage any type of reference you choose to use.

The client enters the reference’s contact information and a details relating to their interaction with this individual.

Step 2:

careerandtalenthub will automatically generate questions based on the reference type and the information entered in the prior step. Clients have the option to delete any of the standard questions that are created for the reference type.

Step 3:

Clients can utilize an important new feature – Clients can create specific questions for references relating to their occupation, education or professional activities that will highlight their unique skills and experience. This step allows clients to personalize their ERC and offer their references the opportunity to further comment on the unique nature of the client’s abilities, duties, performance and accomplishments in the work environment and outside of work as a student, volunteer, intern, etc.

careerandtalenthub will create a personalized E-Reference Check Report for the client with the responses from their references, which will highlight experience, work performance and abilities that will help the client standout from the crowd.

How are you going to get the recruiter's attention? Use your E-Reference Check